GanZar Affiliate-Programm

GanZar Affiliate Program

Welcome to the GanZar Affiliate Program! Become our brand ambassador and earn commissions by promoting Stoner Culture and receiving exclusive discounts on Stoner Merchandise. Follow us on the platforms where you are most active!

Why join the GanZar Affiliate Program?

  1. Attractive Commissions: Earn generous commissions through the "Pay-per-Sale" model based on your follower count across all platforms:

    Follower Count Across All Platforms Commission Percentage
    Nano Influencer (≤ 9,999 Followers) 1%
    Micro Influencer (10,000 - 49,999 Followers) 3%
    Mid-Tier Influencer (50,000 - 499,999 Followers) 5%
    Macro Influencer (500,000 - 999,999 Followers) 7%
    Mega Influencer (1,000,000+ Followers) 10%
    The larger your reach, the higher your earnings!

  2. Exclusive Discounts: As an affiliate partner, you not only earn commissions but also get access to exclusive discounts on our extensive range of Stoner Merchandise. Provide real value to your followers.
  3. Support Along the Way: Our dedicated affiliate team is here to assist you. We answer your questions, provide advice, and offer tools to help you succeed.
  4. Easy Tracking: Use our user-friendly affiliate dashboard to get real-time information on earnings and conversions.

How does it work?

  1. Follow: Follow us on the social media platforms where you are most active to stay updated and not miss any news.
  2. Register: Sign up for our affiliate program to gain access to your personal dashboard.
  3. Promote: Share custom affiliate links or codes on social media, blogs, emails, or other channels.
  4. Earn: You receive commissions for orders through your links or codes and get exclusive discounts on Stoner Merch.

Join our growing affiliate community and promote not only products but also Stoner Culture. Start your affiliate journey with the GanZar Affiliate Program today!

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Commission rates may vary based on follower count across all platforms. Details can be found in our Affiliate Terms and Conditions.